Friday, December 2, 2011

two cents

if in the start of your relationship you have concerns about something regarding your new partner, it's pretty likely that the concern will be the reason you part ways in the end. just saying.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

jay-z, what happened to you?

on my way back from sarasota to stuart a few weeks ago i was scanning through the radio stations and the "paris" jay-z & kanye west collabo song was on. this was one of the worst songs i ever heard and it had a very lil wayne feel. jay-z is officially in the toilet. not just cause i'm older now, but because he sucks and his lyrics are bad. bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

things i have learned these past two weeks

1. i hate the telephone. text me. i do not want to talk
2. sarasota isn't all that sucky
3. english bed and breakfasts are where it's at
4. i don't hate people, i just like it better when they aren't around
5. through some sort of magic my car got 370 miles to the tank last week
6. cable sucks and it is an overpriced waste of money. cancelled.
7. craft beers make me way drunker way faster than i am interested in ever being
8. half an ambien can be my best friend
9. people that think a relationship makes them a complete person are fucking idiots
10. justin vernon has the most beautiful voice
11. the stuart airshow brings the community out. it's gay but it was sweet to see the old folks all sitting outside with their faces turned to the sky at the nursing home on palm beach road this past weekend. kids and oldies, gotta love em.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

this is absolute bullshit

Eve Samples: These three numbers are too offensive for Martin County high schools

By Eve Samples

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sneakers in every color of the rainbow line the wall at Teak Leasor's skate shop across from the Martin County Courthouse.

There are red Nikes with teal swooshes, dark blue Adidas with light blue stripes.

Nearby, a rack of Made in the U.S.A. T-shirts are emblazoned with the name of Leasor's store, Five Six One Skateboarding.

The apparel is popular with parts of the high school set in Martin County — but teenagers had better not try to wear the shirts to school.

Ginger Cullere's son, Cole, made that mistake last month.

When the sophomore at Martin County High showed up for class wearing a T-shirt bearing the skate shop's name, he was promptly instructed to turn it inside-out. When that didn't appease school officials, he had to remove the offending shirt and wear a school-issued replacement for the remainder of the day.

"I could see if it had a pot leaf," Ginger Cullere said.

But just three numerals were printed on it: 561.

Most of us know them as the area code for Palm Beach County. A decade ago, 561 also was the area code on the Treasure Coast — and that's why Leasor named his business Five Six One Skateboarding when he opened it 11 years ago.

He had no idea the numbers would become linked to gangs based in Palm Beach County, namely Top 6 and 561 Boyz.

"I thought it would be easy to catch on and not too pretentious," Leasor told me.

He was thinking like an entrepreneur. Silly him.

Leasor is not one to raise a ruckus or attend school board meetings (he didn't contact me for this story — I called him), but the ban has definitely cut into sales.

At least 30 percent of his customers are high school students, he estimated.

"I've had multiple kids tell me that they're not allowed to wear the shirts, so they're not going to purchase one for school," Leasor said.

The student handbook for Martin County High doesn't explicitly prohibit apparel with 561 or other area codes on it.

It states "no messages, pictures, symbols or clothing may be worn or displayed which portray ideas that are harmful to the health, safety and welfare of students, e.g., messages which relate to drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, gangs, profanity or violence."

Jensen Beach High School and South Fork High School have similar prohibitions.

When I asked Martin County School District officials for their take on the matter, spokeswoman Cathy Brennan sent me this statement:

"Our schools work collaboratively with the Martin County Sheriff's Office to monitor items that are known to be commonly used as gang identifiers. Our priority is always student safety and we want to prevent issues on our campuses in which these items could be misconstrued as being gang-related."

She also emailed me the link to a YouTube video in which a Top 6 gang member briefly appears wearing a hat with 561 printed on it.

Ginger Cullere thinks the district is taking its enforcement of the dress code too far.

She said her son is a "good kid" who takes pride in his appearance. Cole doesn't wear saggy pants. He won't go to school in a wrinkled shirt.

He's certainly not in a gang.

"He takes so much pride in his clothes, and he can't wear them," she said.

Nor can he carry his backpack, which he bought from Leasor's store, to school.

Ginger Cullere pointed out that members of the notorious Bloods gang are known to wear red. Crips wear blue.

"So if you wear a solid red shirt or solid blue, you're a gang member?" she asked.

Of course not.

Nor are you automatically promoting a gang if you wear the numbers 561.

So far, Leasor's shop has weathered the recession relatively well. He's one of the lucky small business owners who have seen sales increase during the last two years.

The ban on wearing his gear at public high schools probably won't break him, but that doesn't make it right."I'm pretty baffled by it," Leasor said.

It would be one thing if the school required uniforms. Then, there would be no debating what's allowed or what's not.

As the rules stand now, there's too much room for interpretation.

As Cole's case illustrates, it's a distraction for students, teachers and administrators.

Monday, September 26, 2011


the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

unfortunately i know someone who is becoming a waste. depressing to watch.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

dating is for the birds

so last saturday this cute guy came to my house to deliver some furniture. the delivery showed up earlier than i expected. i was hungover and looked like shit. the next day he called and asked me if i was dating anyone and if we could get together. so we hung out last night. within 5 minutes he told me that he has a girlfriend that he lives with. but he isn't happy. well, that's what they all say. i really believe that he thought that we could actually date while he is dating someone else. or maybe he just wanted to bang. most likely. and then today i find out that he isn't only dating her, and that they are actually newly engaged as of june. LOVELY. i even told him about my engagement and how the dude left me for someone else. 

this just makes me believe more and more that most dudes are absolute douchebags. i honetly feel bad for the chick because this guy probably attempts to run g on randoms all the time.

oh yea, he also told me that his dick is so huge that he has been uncompatible with women in the past. and then asked me yesterday if i wanted to see it. this was after he told me about the "girlfriend" that is actually his fiance. wow, this is one lucky bride to be. and i did not take him up on the offer to view his massive dick.

why does this shit happen to me? where is the normal dude that like good music, has good style, is funny, and has a good head on his shoulders? FML.

the chick called me last night and left a message. i didn't answer because it was from his phone. she called me a bitch and told me to leave him alone. i called her back and set her straight. yay for the drama! i feel like i am in ninth grade. fucking idiots.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

missoni! i adore thee.

i love when target does the designer collabos and always try to get at least one piece from every collection (marc jacobs, can you hear me!?)

missoni did a collection and the stuff came out yesterday and the insanity that ensued was unparallelled. the target website got completely shut down from the influx of hits pretty much immediately. i couldn't go at lunch and had an afterwork florida oceanographic society committee meeting but left work 15 minutes early to head to target. the racks were pretty much barren except for like 4 things. i actually scored an awesome men's cardigan and a kid's poncho/cape. yes, i had to visit other departments in order to get anything. but hey, at least i scored some ill stuff. 

i wanted the damn flats but they didn't have my size and ebay already has them at about $200 large. didn't bother to get anything to resell. i'm not into that whole deal anymore.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

gone but not forgotten

i can't believe it has been ten years already. my mom lived down in tribeca at the time of the attack and got some pretty detailed shots.

watched a really depressing and vivid documentary tonight. so sad.

and a pic of my brooklyn buddy ian reid (this dude has the best stories, ever.)

ps. i love robert de niro and michael bloomberg. good night.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

for all things to love in stuart

the beach is probably number one. the access and the beauty of it. the best.

Friday, September 2, 2011

lay down with dogs, come up with crabs

so esch is obsessed with lizards and chases them all over the yard like a freak. last night on our walk he found an unpleasant surprise in the grass while chasing lizards...

i don't know if i feel worse for escher for getting hurt or for the crab for losing his arm. maybe it'll teach esch a lesson. doubting it though.

Monday, August 29, 2011

mmmm beer....

went on friday to check out the new wine bar in downtown stuart, occupying the space that once housed the wonderful dive the triangle; we now have "crush wine bar." the place where we used to buy cigarettes and beer underage, has been all dolled up and transformed into a chic new space. about a year ago, the city was touting the closing of the triangle as some sort of moving of city hall venture. no need for a bar when we can build city hall right there on the corner by the sailfish fountain. but alas, the government lied, and they just put another bar right in the same exact space. but, it isn't a dive, it's super fancy schmancy, which i am guessing makes the world, and martin county in general, a better place. 

they have a few walls of wine dispensers that you use an atm like card to get a taste, half a glass, or a full glass. the concept has been done before but it is still pretty neat. i am not the biggest wine drinker in town, but i was in luck because they have a hugely extensive beer list. this alone makes me happy to have this spot added to the local nightlife. the beer list is not only extensive, but the prices are reasonable as well. $4 for a good beer is not bad whatsoever. no real basic selections (bud light, miller light etc) on the menu so i did hear some people griping about that. but they have some of my faves, palm and monk in the trunk. deslish! all in all it was a good time. the service is slow but will hopefully improve, and some more decorations would be a good addition also. they don't really have any food, with the exception of some cheese and meat platters. being owned by eric of ian's tropical grill, i was a little sad about that, but crush is about the bevies and not the food. so don't go there if you are hungry.


Friday, August 26, 2011

leon & mathilda

the professional is for sure a classic. revisited it last night and remembered all the reasons why it is one of my faves. good acting, great plot, and bjork on the sountrack. what more could i ask for really?

when i was living in nyc i had a bf that lived uptown and when i'd drive to his place, i would have to drive by the corner where they filmed the scenes for the apartment building that leon and mathilda lived in, and the corner bodega that they shopped at. pretty awesome.

Monday, August 22, 2011

bon iver, bon iver

so, the new bon iver album is wonderful! all the songs are amazing, with the exception of #10 (beth/rest), which i dislike because he autotuned his voice. i mean really? who the fuck directed him to do something so stupid? the other nine songs are solid though. promise.

Friday, August 12, 2011

awesome trip

Connecticut was so pretty and green and hilly. Such a great escape. The air just smells better and the grass is so skinny and weird and soft. Doing the wifi thing right now up 10,000 feet on my way from the layover in Atlanta to PBI, landing at about midnight. Annoying chatty people to my left have finally ceased the annoying chatter. I do love vacation, and airport people watching, but I can't wait to get home, see my pups and sleep in my own comfy familiar bed.

I scored an awesome pair of Jack Rogers and a rad Obey thin long sleeve knit super heathered number. I love to "vacation shop." Didn't make it to NYC for fear of spending too much money. I'll get back there soon enough though.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I had a 7am flight out of PBI this morning to Connecticut with a layover in Atlanta. Flight was delayed by an hour which made me miss my connecting flight. Instead of an hour layover I ended up with a 2.5 hour layover. So I decided to take a cab to the local Target to kill some time and grab some manicure supplies to keep me busy. On the way to Atlanta I sat next to a 9 year old Columbian kid that flew alone. I told him I would look out for him because I've been a professional solo flyer for 25 years. Well behaved smart little dude. Now I am ready to get some grub and take off at 12:47.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

bronchitis and other misc wonderfulness

skipped work on monday. my voice was requesting a day off and i sounded like an old cigarette riddled 900 number worker. hit the beach with t for a nice walk and cleanup project. we picked up a whole bag of trash walking from house of refuge to bathtub. tons of tourists at bathtub, plus the house that is falling into the sea is for sale. what a bargain, i'm sure. nice to get out and walk and get in the water on a beautiful day. tried to work yesterday but couldn't swing it. hit the dr's office for the old standby, zpack and should be feeling better soon.

thanks king of leon for being a shitty band and having a drugged out lead singer and having to cancel my chance at seeing band of horses at a close venue. found out that they will play tonight without kings of leon but it's all the way in lauderdale, i have work tomorrow, and i am sick so i am skipping it. DISAPPOINTED!

as for the rest of the week, tomorrow is my birthday (boo) and i am headed to connecticut for 6 days saturday at 7am. can't wait to sleep in and be super preppy. ha! def plan to take a day tripper to nyc to shop a bit and just breath in the not so fresh summer air.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

psl vs canada

i wouldn't date anyone from either and nothing good comes from them. they are both touching a place that has some coolness going on, yet stay so infested in nothingness.